Ketchup. Sriracha. BBQ. SLICED!

Our quest for a healthier sauce turned into something bold and unexpected. 
Less mess, so many possibilities.

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To-Go Like a Pro!

Yes to adventure. Yes to bold flavor.
Yes to the perfect bite every time, anywhere, without the bottle. Who says you can’t take your favorite flavor with you where ever you go? Open your mind, and your mouth to Ketchup Reimagined!

Nothing Artificial

Nothing artificial, means just that.
Sure, the form is different, but it’s made with good stuff, only real ingredients, no high fructose yuck. Clean label and clean clothes, because we care about you (and your laundry).  

Save the Buns!

Life is messy, your burger doesn’t have to be.
We think Slice of Sauce goes best under your favorite patty, protecting your precious buns (and white shirts) from first bite to last, without forfeiting delicious flavor. 

A Slice is Born

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I didn't think ketchup could get better, but I guess miracles do happen!


And just like that, my life got simpler.  No more cleaning ketchup out my toddler's lunch box! Thank YOU SoS!


Properly portioned with better ingredients.  Where have you been all my life?