Our Kickstarter Story

On March 6, 2018 our Kickstarter campaign launched, doubled our goal,
and sent us off into the world of re-imagining ketchup. 

Those early believers were instrumental in our success 
and deserving of a great big digital high five. 

Anne Shisler-Hughes Ken Case Barrington Messam
Beth Digati Andrew Dennis Colin and Caron Sapire
Jess and Matt Jones Rachel Golden Kirscht Peter Coffin
Kelly Given Sean Flynn Dale Haver
Jeremy Coles Schenck Li Brookens and Sarah Williams
Sue Benun Carol Levy Ron Recht and Mary Kaye Daniels
Brett Bouttier Benjamin Swartout Mark Seigel
Nick and Jessica Edler Kourosh Gohar Jae Goodman
Peter Schwartz Scott Adelson Sulayman Bimar
Ian Clampet Michael Karlin Carla Brady
Kim Dunn Soviero Susan Hartford Kelly Craven
Kristen Gordon Armando Gonzales Molly Cassidy
Ben Digati Janis Peterson KT Williams
Susan Harbert Steven Teitelbaum David Tracy